My property has been damaged what should I do?

Report the loss to you insurance company or broker as soon as possible and advise them that you wish to engage the services of a Loss Assessor. Alternatively you can contact ourselves first and we can notify your insurance company of the loss on your behalf.

One of our experienced team of Loss assessors will aim to be with you within 24 hours of notification and will advise on how best to progress with the claim. If you have already contacted your insurance company it is not too late you can still appoint a Loss Assessor.

What is a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor is a professional who FIGHTS YOUR CORNER and is engaged in the preparation, negotiation and settlement of insurance claims on behalf of commercial and private policyholders.

Your Assessor will handle all aspects of the claims process, meeting with the Insurance companies’ appointed Loss adjuster or other representatives preparing your claim and negotiating the best possible settlement for you.

A Loss Assessor helps relieve stress by taking over the handling and communication of your claim with insurance companies. A Loss assessor works for you the Policyholder NOT the insurance company. They are completely independent from any insurance company.

What is a Loss Adjustor?

A Loss Adjuster is an insurance professional who has been instructed to act on behalf of the insurance company. They are instructed and paid by the insurance company to represent their interests.

It is not the role of the Loss Adjuster to advise you or to prepare your claim. They will inspect the claim and once the claim has been submitted they will inevitably adjust the claim downwards in order to minimise the outlay for their client the insurance company.

An adjuster works on behalf of the Insurance Company NOT the policyholder.

Why should I instruct Advance Claim Solutions to manage your claim?

Would you go to court without a solicitor? Would you sort your tax issues without an accountant? No! Then why file a claim without a Loss Assessor.

Advance Claim Solutions are Insurance Loss Assessors we work for you the policyholder not the insurers, we are there to fight your corner in a claim situation.

When making an insurance claim you are generally very stressed and nervous worrying not only about the claim but how long it may take to settle. Your insurance policy contains Terms, Conditions, Endorsements and/or Exclusions and is often open to Interpretation or misinterpretation; this is where we are there to HELP you and guide you through our 6 step process. It’s as simple as that.

As qualified insurance professionals we are experienced in dealing with claim settlements on a daily basis in a wide variety of claim types. Advance Claim Solutions offer you a complete claims management service. We are here to help relieve your stress and worry by representing your interests with insurer’s representatives or their Loss Adjusters to get you the best settlement possible under the terms of your policy.

How much do you charge

Fee is typically 10% of total claim settlement this can be negotiated at consultation stage for larger or more complex claims.